Eyal Netzer & Oded Geizhals


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Simply entitled "DUO”, this is Eyal Netzer’s (Saxophone) and Oded Geizhals’s (Vibraphone) debut album as a duo. Joining together for creating an intimate, soulful dialogue through original compositions. 

Oded Geizhals is a multi-disciplinary musician who specializes in contemporary classical music and improvisation. He has played concerts in Israel, Europe, North and South America and the Far East. He is active in the new music scene and has played in many premieres, including works written especially for him. He has been a member of the Israel Contemporary Players since 2011. 

Eyal Netzer, a saxophonist based in Israel, released his debut album in 2021, a duet with Stephen Horenstein on Creative Sources Recordings (Portugal), and is taking his part in the local free-jazz scene (Shay Hazan, Albert Beger, Assif Tsahar, William Parker) along with other musical situations, like the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, Castle In Time Orchestra and many more. 

A three-part composition by Netzer, named “Sea Suite” was composed during scuba diving under Mediterranean water. Watching life under water, wrecks and ancient ruins, came to life some vivid sounds and images of two musicians, playing a primitive tune on a primary landscape. The Saxophone (imagine an ancient wooden flute), keeps on chanting a one-note mantra, while a dreamy, naive harmony is presented by the Vibraphone (now imagine a bone-made xylophone). On live concerts of this duo, with this tune we invite the audience to dive with us. 


Recorded at 'Hateiva', Jaffa by David Louria 
October 2021 

Mix by Ido Segal & Oded Geizhals 
Art & Design by Eyal Netzer 

Eyal Netzer: 
Saxophone, Flute 

Oded Geizhals: 
Vibraphone, Marimba 


eyal netzer oded geizhals duo