Speaking Through The Walls

Stephen Horenstein & Eyal Netzer

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Released on Creative Sources Recordings (Portugal, 2021) 

An orchestra of two players filled with energy and determination, filling space and time with bursts of sound. Two generations in sync celebrating the tradition of two tenor saxophones in dialogue through traditional, contemporary and experimental forms. The music bursts with cries, walls and prophecies that are sometimes disturbing, sometimes soothing. The walls? They crack, they even break, they permeate like circles within circles, one moving at a steady pace, the other, reeling at phenomenal speeds. Side by side. We speak to each other. Are we heard? Are we understood? Ultimately, at the end of the day, we are each alone until awakened by our next adventure of synchronicity.  

Recorded Live by Stephen Horenstein in Jerusalem, Israel, November 2017 

Mixed by Stephen Horenstein & Eyal Netzer 

Produced by Stephen Horenstein & Eyal Netzer 

Designed by Eitan Zelwer 

Executive Producer: Ernesto Rodrigues @ Creative Sources Recordings 

Cover Art: “Prayers” by Jonathan Ofek 



Stephen Horenstein: Soprano & Tenor Saxophones; Drums 

Eyal Netzer: Tenor Saxophone; Drums

eyal netzer stephen horenstein speaking through the walls