Eyal Netzer is a saxophonist and composer. Released his debut album “Speaking Through the Walls” on Creative Sources Recordings – A duet with the renowned saxophonist and composer Stephen Horenstein. This project is a meeting of two generations in sync, celebrating the tradition of two tenor saxophones in dialogue through traditional, contemporary and experimental forms.

His second album, Duo, with vibraphonist Oded Geizhals is a soulful dialogue through original compositions.

The latest release, Shine, with pianist Milton Michaeli, is an innovative album that combines the raw energy of free jazz with the tradition of intimate jazz duets.

Also being active in the Israeli jazz scene, Netzer is a member of Shay Hazan Quintet, a world class jazz quintet, performing on Europe’s prestigious festival stages.

He played concerts with David Murray and William Parker when they were touring Israel.

Netzer’s saxophone tells of a journey of simplicity and even primary, primitive state of being, yet strongly connected to the world’s present suffering and delight.

eyal netzer