Tekes Meitarim (Strings Ceremony)

A 5-part piece (50 minutes) which brings together musicians from many musical backgrounds (jazz, contemporary, Andlusian, Arabic) and based on simple, evolving themes.

* Soon to be released

Eyal Netzer - Compositions, Conducting & Saxophone

Kobi Asor - Violin
Yohana Ritmoler - Violin
Tom Klein - Cello
Shani Bar - Cello
Mayu Shviro - Cello
Orr Sinai - Contrabass
Shay Hazan - Contrabass
Oded Geizhals - Percussion
Milton Michaeli - Keys

Recorded Live at Hateiva, Jaffa, Israel 22\02\2022 By David Louria
Mixed by Uri Wertheim

"String Ceremony" is a new original instrumental work of approximately 45 minutes in length, for string ensemble, saxophone, synthesizer and percussion. The piece was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022 and has not yet been released. 

"String Ceremony" was inspired by a meditative mindset common in spiritual jazz (Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and others). It creates a meeting between musicians trained in Arab-Andalusian traditions, and musicians influenced by contemporary classical music. The work is intended to connect musicians from different backgrounds and styles, where the commonality of their personal work is improvisation. It's purpose is to blur the boundaries of the genre and search together for unity - a search based on a shared human-musical experience. 

The work has five parts, each of which represent an archetype of the individual and collective soul. The names of the pieces, along with their artistic nature, reflect these archetypes: Creator; Destroyer; Fool; Lover; Seeker. These archetypes are connected by invisible "strings" into a whole. 

The show is based on live playing and improvisation: the musicians in the piece are given extensive artistic freedom for personal expression and real-time musical decisions. The ensemble is conducted through gestures and visual signs.