Falling into self


Group listening sessions of gentle electronic music designed especially for personal inner journeys 

What Happens In a Session?

After a short guided relaxation we will enter a listening session of gentle electronic music which was designed and composed especially for self-introspection. The activity is carried out individually and in comfortable surroundings. When the music is over, we will take the time to process the experience reflectively, without the obligation of sharing our insights with fellow participants.

Why Music?

The music serves as an accompaniment to an inner journey, creating a landscape or backdrop for a journey of consciousness. In therapy, it is common to look at music as a third entity (in addition to the therapist and client) which can support, stimulate, calm and motivate processes of self-inquiry.

Who Am I?

A saxophonist, composer and music therapist. I hold a B.A in Music from the Jerusalem Academy of Music, and an M.A in Music Therapy from the University of  Haifa. Graduate of the program “Music & Care: The Music Imagery and related methods" of "SONORA" - a Multidisciplinary Organization for Music Therapy & Research. 
I compose music; play in concerts around the world in addition to working as a music therapist with a variety of people; as well as being a client myself using this method (GIM). 

What Is the Method?

The Music Imagery (MI) method belongs to a range of techniques associated with psychotherapeutic music therapy method of Guided Imagery & Music (Bonny method of GIM) but is more versatile and simpler to use. It can be implemented in short term, with greater flexibility, in many contexts, at all ages, and from a wide range of professionals in the humanities. 

Inspired by this method, these group sessions are experiential experiences, and not a group therapy.